The Saints Row 3way: It’s A Drink?

Yes, a drink. Out of all my time covering video games, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a game have an official drink. Then again, I’ve never seen a game like Saints Row: The Third. In order to celebrate the release of the upcoming DLC titled ‘GenkiBowl VII’, a gaming bar in Falmouth (that’s in the UK), has created The Saints Row 3way. Each drink is a different color, representing the different gangs in Saints Row: The Third. Green (Agwa) for Lunchadores, Blue (Bombay Saphire & Blue Curacao) for Deckers, and Red (Jim Beam Red Stag) for Morning Star. A simple, yet brilliant idea.

Not 21, or just want to know more about GenkiBowl VII? It is available now for 560MSP/$7 (XBL/PSN), or free if you have the Saints Row: The Third Season Pass. If you still want more info, there’s a trailer past the jump.

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