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DRULcast #227 – Water Gushers

by Oscar Venturaon March 6, 2018
Long show this week with tons of valuable information from movie services, DLC news, potential game updates and we share our love of Crackdown in preparation for the next installment.

DRULcast #191 – Microtransaction Blindness

by Oscar Venturaon May 30, 2017
Jack goes crosseyed in VR and Oz makes a real-life microtransaction purchase that his him questioning his entire mindset on gaming. Full details in the show notes below!

DRULcast #181 – They’re not blessed like I am!

by Oscar Venturaon March 7, 2017
Hello! It’s the calm before the storm that is PAX East! Check back this weekend for all of that coverage to come, until then, however, tune into this week’s show for some Oculus Touch talk, and a dive into Nintendo’s latest console, Switch! Join Jack, Mark, and Oz this week in a derailment filled show!

Backtracking Alan Wake

by Jack Wageron January 28, 2016
Alan Wake was announced at E3 2005 for next-gen consoles and PC. 5 years later, Alan Wake launched exclusively on Xbox 360, followed by a PC release in 2012. Despite having a large budget, backing by Microsoft, and developed by Remedy Games (Max Payne), Alan Wake could not gain traction as a powerhouse franchise. But its story and main game mechanic will forever be why Alan Wake is one of the greatest games ever.


DRULcast #68 – 100% Organic DLC

by Oscar Venturaon August 19, 2014
This week, we discuss Downloadable Content, and the issues and concerns we have within the video game industry.


Respawn Does Updates Right!

by Oscar Venturaon June 26, 2014
It’s no surprise that a game gets updated as time goes on from balancing issues, to game types that are favored over others. But what Respawn Entertainment does different is it includes other content with it.

Undead Labs Throws Us A Lifeline!

by Chris Vargason June 1, 2014
Are you dying from lack of zombie killing action? Well don’t panic, because Undead Labs is throwing you a Lifeline.

Ready to go on an Expedition? Titanfall DLC Gameplay Trailer!

by Oscar Venturaon May 12, 2014
So who is ready to embark on this Expedition? Get your suited up and your titans ready to explore new land!

Titanfall DLC – Expedition – Making of Swampland

by Oscar Venturaon May 12, 2014
Who is exited for the upcoming DLC for Titanfall? Here is a behind the scenes look at the map Swampland.