Gotham City Imposters FREE DLC Now On Xbox 360

Free DLC? Yes. Definitely. Affirmative. The first Gotham City Imposters DLC is free and available now on Xbox 360. “Soon” has been the release date applied to PS3 and PC versions. The new goodies allow you to overlook Gotham City, up your swag, and fart some more. Video and full textutal details after the break.

The following video explains everything you need to know. Watch it if you can. If you’re at work or in class, there’s a full text description after the video.

What’s included in the free Gotham City Imposters DLC:

  • Matchmaking Fixes: “Numerous” (non-specified) fixes to matchmaking have been made, and join-in-progress is now available.
  • Maps: A new map called 25th Floor which literally towers over Gotham City. Reminiscent of the end of Batman (1989) movie, where Joker and Batman fight it out.
  • Themed Costumes: New themed costume sets including business attire, ninja, luchador, and numerous accessories.
  • Weapons: Two new weapons, The Kingmaker and The Falcon Blade (aka. ninja katana).
    • The Kingmaker can be equipped faster than any other weapon in the game, and modded to include hollow point rounds along with a full automatic conversion.
    • The Falcon Blade (katana), can play both sides of the field, offense and defense. On offense, one swipe and your opponent is outta here. Defensively you can block bullets to lessen the amount of damage received from said bullets.
  • Support Items: Toxic Gas is introduced when you pop a few pills and rip a fat fart. If your enemies get a whiff of your body’s poison gas, they’ll incur light damage but it’ll also disorient them, setting them up for a quick smelly death.
  • Fun Fact: Nimble Fingers
  • Voices: You can now talk like a ninja! Wait, what’s that sound like?
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