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Go-Go Town! | PAX East 2023

Once upon a time, Go-Go Town! was hustling and bustling with plenty of residents, storefronts, and tourists. Although over time, the town has become rundown and its citizens need help restoring Go-Go Town! to its former glory.

GigaBash | PAX East 2023

GigaBash was my top contender for Game of Show for PAX East 2023. As a fan of all things Kaiju, being able to blend the likes of Smash Bros. and Godzilla and putting to the test who the true king of monsters is, filled a void in my heart I did not...

Pokemon Lab | PAX East 2023

For the first time at PAX East, Pokemon Play Lab has made an appearance to educate the attendees on how to play the tradable card game. We’ve been known to be collectors and not necessarily players, so I had to get in line to experience this...

Bread and Fred | PAX East 2023

Oz’s Thoughts There are many games out there that id recommend playing with your significant other…but this one, ain’t it! Bread and Fred is a true test of your patience and communication skills with whoever you decide to play with. The funny...

Undisputed | PAX East 2023

It’s been over 10 years since we last got a boxing game, and with the sport gaining traction in the content creator space, the timing of the announcement of this game couldn’t have come at a better time.

Friends vs Friends | PAX East 2023

At its core, Friends vs Friends is a truly fun first person shooter that’s easy to pick up and play. Sprinkle in modifier cards that any player can activate on the fly, and it results in unpredictable mayhem in every match with a high degree...

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A weekly discussion focused on video games, anime, and movies.


A podcast with "Which would you rather?"-type questions.
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Just-Us Gaming

A show where a group of friends play games against each other, but sometimes cooperatively. Games are chosen at random, and sometimes their opponents are too.

DRUL'n Game Show!

A variety game show where as a team we have to come to an agreement on the answer, or sometimes just guess. Shows include Higher or Lower, GeoGuesser, 20 Questions, Pixel Me This, and many others!

Value Battles

Pack vs Pack! We face off in a head-to-head battle with our Pokemon packs to see who ends up with the highest value.