AuthorOscar Ventura

Oz plays Rocket League and is very bad at it, but at least he tries. As long as there are games to talk about, he's in his happy place.

Just Us on a Joy Ride

  Similar to last week the guys start their engines and go on a joy ride. This time the game is a bit closer to Mario Kart in the battle stages. Who will dominate the races? Who will dominate the battle levels? Let’s perform a few flips...

E3 Mini-recap, Anime talk | DRULcast LIVE

E3 mini recap – Xbox Game Pass, Nintendo announcements, Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Game, Dead by Daylight: Resident Evil Chapter, Halo Infinite, Back 4 Blood, and a bunch more! Anime: Food Wars!: Shokugeeki no Soma, Gurren Lagann...

Just *Among* Us

*Apologies for the sync issue on Ac3’s part. His cam was on a delay!*
Back-to-back weeks with thrillers! Watch as the crew looks for devious dupers amongst themselves.

Just Us Neighbors

The guys get together to play the darkest game of hide and seek ever.
They search for keys while trying to escape the clutches and illusions caused by “the neighbor”.
Let’s see who wins/beats “IT” 🤡