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We’re always on the lookout for fantastic party games, and sometimes, when all of the controllers are in use, we resort to either a card game or beer pong. When we saw this game at PAX East this time around, we couldn’t wait to have a go!

We had a lot of fun playing Shape Invaders at PAX East. At first, we thought everyone had to set their pieces the same way, but then the lightbulb went off when the host told us to place our units however we wanted. That’s when we realized that the replayability of the game lies in the many possible board setups.

The game is simple: you flick the aliens to eliminate the other players’ pieces. The goal is to take out the mothership. Each player has four shields, though, and those are what the mothership uses to respawn… wherever the shield is. The shields cannot be flicked, unlike the other pieces, so strategically placing them plays a major role in how long you’ll be able to survive.

For such a simple premise, the idea behind the game is really fun. Although the game was not for sale at the show, and instead, they were there just to get eyes on it, but consider us SOLD!

Camden Games plans on selling a few variations of Shape Invaders. The game itself, Shape Invaders Arena, will consist of the pieces themselves to be used with your own table at $40. Then there is the game + UV Lights at $99. This consists of four corner clamp lights and netting that goes around most tables.

At $349, there will be a Portable Gaming Tabletop to be placed above an existing table, which folds and can be seen in the video and screenshot above. There is a UV light that goes all around the table, as well as a nice gaming mat/surface that goes above.

The most expensive option, at $499, is the same as the portable gaming tabletop but includes six shelves that have a card rail and cup holders to further extend your gaming area. This version also comes with a green gaming mat to go over the Shape Invaders mat (for your other games) as well as a carrying case.

More information about Shape Invaders can be found on the game’s website. You can also sign up to be notified when the Kickstarter campaign goes live.

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