Obsolete Souls | PAX East 2024

It’s beautiful when you can get a game to give exposure to untraveled land and cultures. It’s awesome when you can do that and kickass.

Sak pase?

Well, this game is what’s up. Cool character designs and actions to quench our retro arcade thirst. Think River City Ransom with a little more pace. Combat timing plays a key component that goes with the tunes. You have to let the rhythm guide you on noticing triggers for enemies and when to unleash combos that make gravity a novelty.

It was overall a great experience with the team and game. I look forward to the growth. As mentioned there’s only one thing I desire more and that’s Haiti. I want to see how they will keep giving us more of the culture they started to give us. Will we see some introductory vocabulary lessons, or will we see some food? I will leave these curiosities to the creativity in studio Dennel Cake and hopefully, they will make some more awesomeness happen.

Bon Chans! 🇭🇹

Hosted by
Juan Malave

Juan was raised in a place where dysfunctional urban youth tainted the lives of those who were exposed to the drugs and the gunfire that lit the streets. In order to survive, he kept himself barricaded in his room, in the trenches of Nintendo and Sega. It’s how his passion developed for gaming and how the creative imagination took the driver’s seat. Gaming is an escape from the struggles of life and to express frustration. Just because you gain responsibilities as time progresses doesn’t mean you have to let go of gaming. Just adapt and evolve it to best suit your lifestyle and embrace the adventures that being a gamer brings. Stay posted and see what the product of the GAMING EVOLUTION can do.

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