A personal love story for Popcap Games and Casinos

From the people who brought us games like Plants vs Zombies, Peggle, Zuma, and many other wonderful time killers, they hit the scene with yet another time killer! Now I was trying to re-think if I should even include this on here but you know what, slot machines are games too! Earlier this week they released their new game on Facebook called Lucky Gem Casino. Now I’m not sure about you guys, but I’m pretty much done with the majority of all Facebook games, they are all the same, give us money to rush something, or else wait a couple of hours to gain a bonus and play some more. This has been the formula to success since day 1, so why change it? This game is no different but its worth a mention. For more info, hit the jump!

A little of personal back story.
Let’s begin with a bit of back story before we continue. I personally made a choice this year to not gamble in 2012. Well, that was quickly ruined by attending Vegas during CES. So I had to make a slight adjustment to my “no gamble 2012” policy. With that being said, I’ve been good, no scratchers or lotto tickets. This of course being written a week before I plan on attending a casino within the week. In comparison to last year, I had already been to the casino many times, so I guess my policy could simply be changed to “just gamble less than last year”. One thing that I noticed has helped out a lot is simply playing more games on my mobile, and of course writing more than before.
Lucky Gem Casino

So now with this back story, you know why I wanted to give Lucky Gem Casino a shout out. It is pretty much what I would expect from any slot machine! Plays just like one, steals your money quickly, pays out rarely, but when it hits… it’s an amazing feeling. The beauty of this virtual casino other than not spending my actual money, even though you could if you wanted it, is that the themes offered are of games PopCap themselves have put out.

The first slot you have access to is Bejeweled Spin, and with the traditional Facebook mechanic, you level up to unlock new boards which include Insaniquarium Spin, BookWorm Spin, Zuma Spin, Big Money Spin, Chuzzle Spin, and Mystery P.I. London Spin. So far the last level, Mystery P.I. London Spin unlocks at level 13, so once you hit that point, your pretty much left to wait for updates, but while you wait, play your favorite board and make your virtual millions.

They also reward you with Trophies and Badges for winning a certain amount of times in a row, hitting certain jackpots, and theme specifics like winning with wild symbols, or certain characters on the board. Which of course also help you level up to unlock the rest of the boards.
Truth be told, I wouldn’t be shocked with these games making it onto actual slot machines. I mean, The Dark Knight himself has an awesome slot machine, I’ve seen House of the Dead, and Lord of the Rings as well, so why not? Make it happen!

All in all, thanks PopCap for saving me money!
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If you’re interested in this game, check it out!
Play Lucky Gem Casino via Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LuckyGemCasino

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