Marvel Future Revolution announced at PAX East 2020

During PAX East 2020, Netmarble and Marvel both teamed up for a “Mystery Panel” where both gamers and Marvel fans were shown the world premiere of their next mobile game, Marvel Future Revolution.

The panel hosted by Marvel’s Ryan Penagos (AgentM) accompanied by, Bill Rosemann [Marvel Games VP & Head of Creative], Danny Koo [Marvel Games Director, Production], Marc Sumerac [Scenario Writer], Simon Sim [Netmarble US President] were all excited to show us their latest project, Marvel’s First Open World RPG for mobile devices.

Check out all of the villains announced:

They announced that there will only be four playable characters at launch, Captain America, Captain Marvel, Spiderman, and Doctor Strange. However, they’ll be releasing additional characters in future updates.

The locations revealed during the panel included The Hub Cluster in Xandeath, Chosen Valley and Great Desert of Sakaar

During the Q and A portion of the panel, we got confirmation that there is no immediate interest in porting the game over to PC or consoles just yet but it is worth noting that if there is enough response they’ll consider it. We also got confirmation that although there is no controller support at the moment, it is being heavily looked into before launch. This was brought up because of how you’ll have the freedom to move the camera around, since its an open-world RPG, it would only make sense to include controller support.

Release date information was not shared and they urged everyone to register for the newsletter for all future news.

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