Lightning Bolt 360 – GUNNAR releases modular glasses today!

Our friends over at GUNNAR have released their latest glasses, a modular pair of glasses with an all-in-one solution for everyone. The package includes 3 nose bridges (small, medium, large) to best fit your nose, 3 interchangeable temple options, classic, post, and strap. If you’ve used Gunnar glasses in the past, then the Classic fit is what you’re most likely used to, with minimum pressure on your temple. Some of the higher-tiered models come with the Post fit, which is a lightweight slim fit. Lastly, we have the Strap, the most comfortable option of the set as you no longer really need to worry if the fit is wide enough to fit your head. Best of all, using the strap gives you the best results when paired with a headset, and I mean, who isn’t gaming with a headset nowadays?

Here’s the thing, we go from the computer to a mobile device, and switching over to your TV and gaming on a console, no matter what you’re exposed blue-light which causes eye strain, leads to headaches and causes you to have trouble falling asleep. Gunnar Optiks Amber lens blocks 65% blue light which helps prevent dry eyes and aforementioned effects. The Sun lens for outdoor use provides 90% blue light protection and 100% UV. The best part of the new Lightning Bolt 360 Gunnar glasses? Both of these lenses come bundled together for you to switch whenever necessary.


Seen above you’ll have the option of purchasing these in three different color variants. The traditional red and black combo from Gunnar. A Rainbow Six: Siege inspired black and gray, and lastly a black and yellow edition from ESL Gaming.

Additionally, you get a nice carrying case/zip-up locker, and a microfiber pouch included with your purchase as well.

Stop worrying over eye strain and get your self a pair today at – Lightning Bolt 360.


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