Boid is FREE!

One of our favorites from PAX East 2015, BOID is now out of early access, and best of all you can experience it for FREE!

tinyBuild has been one of those disruptive companies that I can’t help but love. They change the way of the normal distribution models and aren’t afraid to stand up for themselves even as just an indie company.

Today they announced that one of our favorite games BOID will be exiting early access and releasing for FREE. Granted there is a bit of a catch…but we’re not complaining! Let’s break it down;

As a real time strategy game, the game changes the “normal” by removing funds or the need to build anything. The roots of what any RTS player loves, a challenge all based on strategy. That being said multiplayer is the main component of this game and this is the part you’re getting for free. The BEST part of the game; FREE! This includes leaderboards, level editors, private matches with bots of various difficulties, and best of all Twitch integration where the chat could vote on what modifiers they want to see in the game and watch them happen as you play.

Additionally the developer Mokus, has been hard at work on a single player campaign to be released as DLC. This is what will cost you and trust me it’s worth the $9.99 price tag. The campaign features 10 hours of game play teaching you the basics of the game and introducing you to the different types of nodes as you progress. All of this in a way that you start to develop your own strategies to bring over to multiplayer. Each scenario you’re put in is an example of how a multiplayer match would be like.

For anyone who purchased the game during early access, you’ll be receiving the campaign as well!

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