Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide For Gamers

Last minute gift hunting for a friend or lover that’s a gamer? Look no further, I have the best gift ideas that any gamer will love!

Belkin WeMo Insight Switch
This is a cool gadget that any tech or non-techie will love. The Insight Switch allows you to control an outlet from anywhere in your house. Insight Switch connects to your existing WiFi network, so any smartphone or tablet that’s already on your network can control Insight’s abilities. Not only can you control an outlet from anywhere in your house, you can set schedules for an outlet and even see how much power connected devices are using. I’m using one for my Christmas lights, and Insight has helped me realize that my Christmas lights are power hogs, they use 216 watts on average!

Logitech UE AirSpeaker
Another AirPlay speaker? Yes. But this one is correctly made. First, it is decent sounding for the price, it has Ethernet, WiFi and even a dock connector, albeit the dock is not lightning but 30 pin. When you aren’t AirPlaying to UE, it’ll put itself into sleep mode but is still visible on the network. So at a moment’s notice, like when friends randomly show up, or you get out of the shower and want some tunes while you get dressed, UE can be summoned in seconds! Also, as you roam around the house with your phone, texting your friends or taking photos of special moments at your parties, you don’t have to worry about UE skipping or losing signal.

TP-Link TL-PA511 Kit
Looking to expand your network to a remote part of the house? Look no further than Powerline Adapters. I have four TL-PA511’s in the house. Whether they’re providing connectivity to a second access point, or shooting music across the network to my Logitech UE AirSpeaker, Powerline Adapters make the impossible possible – keeping data rates high at long distances without expensive equipment.

Amazon Gift Card
Amazon’s prices are usually equal to the lowest brick and mortar retailer or a bit lower. Couple their low prices with my Prime membership and you can get an idea why I shop at Amazon more than any other retailer. A gift card to Amazon can get me anything I’d ever want, besides gas. Gas cards are good too ;p

Hootie & The Blowfish said it best, “Time, why do you bother me?”. Any gamer out there is more than likely strapped for time. Between how many hours a day we have to dedicate to sleeping and eating, not including significant others and work, gamers may end up with about 2 – 4 hrs a day to game. So, if you were planning on cleaning the yard this Saturday with your significant other, maybe put it off a week or two until after the holidays to allow some well needed game time!

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