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Titanfall for $37 via Amazon’s Golden Box

by Oscar Venturaon April 22, 2014
Have you been debating getting Titanfall? Questioning if you should upgrade to an Xbox One, or stick with the 360 for a bit longer? Well, no matter what your choice may be…Titanfall better be a part of your collection!

Amazon Game Studios via Fire TV

by Oscar Venturaon April 7, 2014
With all of this Amazon Fire TV news, I was debating even posting about it, but it is gaming related and it makes me question the future of Ouya.

Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide For Gamers

by Jack Wageron December 24, 2013
Last minute gift hunting for a friend or lover that’s a gamer? Look no further, I have the best gift ideas that any gamer will love!

Brink is $19.99 on Amazon (360, PS3, PC)

by Jack Wageron July 26, 2011
Brink got a lot of bad criticism on release, but the people who did play the game seemed to be able to look past the bugs and genuinely enjoy it. Well, today makes life a lot easier for people who want a piece of Brink without dropping mad change. Brink is $19.99 on Amazon for […]