Undead Labs Throws Us A Lifeline!


Are you dying from lack of zombie killing action? Well don’t panic, because Undead Labs is throwing you a Lifeline.

This is Undead Labs’ first story DLC, and so far it is amazing! As soon as I hit “Start New Game” I was already panicking, and yes I even screamed a little, I’m not ashamed to admit it. Now normally when I think of new DLC, I picture new maps, one-hour extra story, or other small trinkets, but Lifeline says, “Screw That!”, here’s all of that and more. Undead Labs offers a whole new sandbox, new characters, new building options, new weapons, vehicles, and a whole new story (Which, trust me, is longer than an hour.)


Lets get into the story a little without giving away too much, as it is a new experience. First off you’re playing as the military at the beginning of the outbreak, and you’re tasked with finding, rescuing, and protecting VIP’s. You play as Major Alicia Hawkes, who is a total bad-ass character, and you are the commanding officer of a military unit known as Greyhound One. I haven’t gone far yet, but so far the interactions between her, and some of her fellow soldiers has left an impression on me. Listening to the comms., you’re able to piece things together as the situation worsens, man does it get bad; and I’m still only in the beginning!


I was forced to start over a few times because of the new army vehicle. This is now my new favorite vehicle, it can take a beating and has moderate speed. There are a few new construction options, as well as some returning. Although they have new research options, the Latrine and Generator are two of the new options, but the workshops return with a new option of an ammunition shop. There’s still much to learn and explore in Lifeline that I haven’t had a chance to get into, but so far it’s one of my favorite DLC’s ever. Make sure to read my full review, which will be coming soon… as soon as I stop dying so much…

Chris has been gaming since before he can talk, and that passions has only grown over the years. There is no such thing as a better console to him for he plays all, and loves all. Playing just about any game as long as its got a good story or multiplayer. Chris just loves to play.

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