LEGO Bricktales | PAX East 2022

Everyone’s favorite building blocks are back in the gaming world with Lego Bricktales. No presets here unlike the previous Lego titles. You can’t just go around just collecting pieces for a set to magically come together. This game inspires problem-solving with creativity. Your creativity! There is no true guide on how to complete building blocks but don’t worry you’re not left in the dark. There are simple hints and tips. Though I would say that it’s nothing to the likes of the instruction manual you get in an actual Lego set.

The only true rule or guide you have is gravity. That with an emphasis on its byproduct, physics. Your imagination becomes your true compass. Innovation is the key to overcoming obstacles and traveling the diverse landscapes. As you progress you unlock skills to help explore lush jungles, medieval castles, and a pirate bay (can’t forget the city). Challenge your building skills and become a hero. You will be tested to build a variety of things. Create vehicles to save the day or bridges to go across hazards. Whatever it is, just know that everyone’s experience is unique. An example of that is how It may take players 8 pieces to make a bridge, but I did it with 5. This is not to brag, just facts. The exhibitor managing my demo took a picture of my simple masterpiece. He reinforced that there is no right or wrong way to build. Just be unique and learn from mistakes and failures. This is why I am a fan of the simulator Test out your build as you assemble the pieces and assure success.

I realized that my biggest challenge playing Legos Bricktales is me. You can end up finding yourself lost in the thick fog caused in your brain by overthinking. Focus too much on the looks of the build rather than functionality. Wasting time being perfect instead of practical. Overall, the game will provide a great experience for all ages. It may seem too cartoony for some but I advise you to not limit yourself. Keep in touch with your creative side once again. Through realization, it brings me to say two things. Keep building today to create tomorrow and you can be young once but your imagination is forever.

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Juan was raised in a place where dysfunctional urban youth tainted the lives of those who were exposed to the drugs and the gunfire that lit the streets. In order to survive, he kept himself barricaded in his room, in the trenches of Nintendo and Sega. It’s how his passion developed for gaming and how the creative imagination took the driver’s seat. Gaming is an escape from the struggles of life and to express frustration. Just because you gain responsibilities as time progresses doesn’t mean you have to let go of gaming. Just adapt and evolve it to best suit your lifestyle and embrace the adventures that being a gamer brings. Stay posted and see what the product of the GAMING EVOLUTION can do.

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