Pokemon Gift Paldea Starter Evolution Types, Maybe?

Does the Pokemon Center holiday catalog have more gifts than you think this year? Perhaps a spoiler? We shall see! Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will be releasing November 18th, 2022 and with that comes all the swag and plushes to get us ready for the holiday season. While looking through the pictures of the holiday season’s plush you may be able to see a potential spoiler.

Grass-type Sprigatito, fire-type Fuecoco, and water-type Quaxly are this generation’s starters. Ever since their debut there have been a plethora of speculations of their evolutions and their types. Many rumors and fanart fuel the fans’ anticipation of these new Pokemon but did Pokemon Center give us a hint?

Well I appreciate you handling all my babbling until now but it is time for me to finally unwrap the gift. While looking at the holiday plushies of Paldea starters you will notice they are each holding a gift bag. Each of them have a different Pokemon. Sprigatito has Dedenne, an electric/fairy type. Fuecoco has Toxel, an electric/poison type. Quaxly has Kirlia, a psychic/fairy type.

This may not be a direct answer as you would like but I feel confident that this provides some guidance. Can this mean they are gifted their affinities in element or does this mean absolutely nothing? I will leave it up to you all. What do you think?

AceJAM/Juan’s guess? Sprigatito Grass/Electric. Fuecoco Fire/Poison. Quaxly Water/Psychic. I’m doubling down on double weakness.

Pokemon Center Holiday is here! New game check, New characters check and New swag. Check out Paldea First Partner Plush to take a closer look for yourself.

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