Wow! That’s a lot of blocks to mine! Minecraft Customization Preview

by Oscar Venturaon April 24, 2014
I absolutely love Minecraft, unfortunately for me, I have only played it on Xbox 360, besides a few hours on the PC beta way back in its initial release.

8 minutes of Watch Dogs Multiplayer!

by Oscar Venturaon April 23, 2014
With about a month away from launch, Watch Dogs will likely be a great game to play with your friends.


Trade In your games! Get ripped off!

by Oscar Venturaon April 23, 2014
As previously mentioned, I’ve made that digital switch! When debating what to do with my many 360 games, I thought why not trade in the ones that I will no longer play, or the ones that weren’t as meaningful to me. I looked at online and retail trade offers, but their buyback prices are straight garbage! Thinking back of […]

Titanfall for $37 via Amazon’s Golden Box

by Oscar Venturaon April 22, 2014
Have you been debating getting Titanfall? Questioning if you should upgrade to an Xbox One, or stick with the 360 for a bit longer? Well, no matter what your choice may be…Titanfall better be a part of your collection!


DRULcast #53 – Trading Pennies!

by Oscar Venturaon April 22, 2014
In this weeks show we find out that Jack…suddenly does not hate everything! We’re all about getting paid, tune in and let’s figure out together how we’re going to sell these damn Steam Trading Cards!


Command & Conquer In HTML5 Free!

by sho220on April 21, 2014
One of my favorite games of all time, Command & Conquer has been recreated in HTML5 by Aditya Ravi Shankar. Just because it is in HTML5 doesn’t mean that the game is missing anything. The music, and even videos are fully intact.

Origin Sale for Mass Effect!

by Oscar Venturaon April 18, 2014
Looking to spend numerous hours completing all Mass Effect titles? Now is your chance, if you’ve slacked off in getting them. They are on sale via Origin!


The Behemoth Booth – Sales!

by Oscar Venturaon April 18, 2014
Every year I’ve managed to go to the Behemoth booth and grab their exclusive shirt for the event. With this, you notice changes…

Villagers and Heroes: Fury of the Stone Lord hits Steam today!

by Oscar Venturaon April 17, 2014
Steam is set to launch of an indie Massive Multiplayer Online game…and it looks great!