Can’t wait for Horde 3.0!

The trailer for Epic Games’ latest title Fortnite was shown during Spike TV’s Video Game Awards, but just recently Design director, Cliff Bleszinski did a brief interview on G4TV’s X-Play. The majority of what was said was aimed to move in a different direction from Gears of War, and show that Epic can make other amazing games. Ever since Gears of War 3 came out, I thought to myself, if this game JUST had co op Horde mode and no multiplayer, I’d be just as happy playing it. Then they show us this trailer and honestly it seems like just that. He mentioned the differences that both Night and Day bring us, so right there its a definite change, honestly, whatever they do with this game, I’m interested. The thing I’m trying to figure out is if its going to be a Arcade title or a normal release. It’s way too soon to know exactly, hopefully we’ll get more information on this soon!
Hit the jump for the trailer and the interview.

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