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Just Us…With some Chainsaws!

What do you get when only two members of your squad actually know how to play Gears of War? Well, this gameplay will show you just that! Beast and Oz are the only two who have put many hours into the Gears franchise. Ace and Bullet are familiar with...

DRULcast #245 – The X Factor!

So much awesome in this week’s episode! We discuss Jack’s new nickname and a bunch of games! From a beta to some new releases on Xbox Game Pass. There is a lot in this episode, check the show notes below! 245: The X Factor! [ 49:57 ]...

DRULcast #242 – Almost Ready!

Apologies for no show last week, but we’re back! Jack shares some news, Oz plays some mobile games, get the details in the show notes!

242: Almost Ready! [ 38:10 ] Play Now | Play in Popup | Download (355)

DRULcast #234 – Eggplant Emoji

This week features animals, behemoths, gore, old friends, and movies! For a full rundown on this week’s show check out the show notes below!

234: Eggplant Emoji [ 43:49 ] Play Now | Play in Popup | Download (369)