Just Us…With some Chainsaws!


What do you get when only two members of your squad actually know how to play Gears of War? Well, this gameplay will show you just that! Beast and Oz are the only two who have put many hours into the Gears franchise. Ace and Bullet are familiar with the game (sort of) and GP/Ren is going into this with little to no experience at all.

Even with this group assembled, the call-outs were on point and the game was definitely entertaining. We start off with Team Death Match and then end it with some King of the Hill. Don’t forget to stick around as we announce our game for next week on the wheel spin!

03:40 – TDM
11:23 – KOTH
40:40 – Wheel Spin

Editors Note: Any time the camera switches without the face cams, that is Oz’s POV.

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