League of Legends World Championship Semifinals Day 3

Last day before we figure out who will fight for the Million on October 13th. Check out the live stream right here!
[Updated Oct 7]
Today in the League of Legends World Championship we will see the final bout in the Quarterfinals; Team World Elite vs CLG.EU. The winner of this match will go up against Azubu Frost who is 4-0 so far after defeating the crowd favorite Team Solo Mid from USA last night. Also in fighting for a spot in the finals will be Moscow Five vs Taipei Assassins.


  • Team World Elite vs CLG.EU
    GAME 1 – 3PM – 4PM
    GAME 2 – 4PM – 5PM
    *GAME 3 – If needed – 5PM – 6PM
    • Semifinals
  • Taipei Assasins vs Moscow 5
    GAME 1 – 5PM – 6PM
    GAME 2 – 6PM – 7PM
    *GAME 3 – If needed – 7PM – 8PM
  • Azubu Frost vs World Elite/CLG.EU
    GAME 1 – 7PM – 8PM
    GAME 2 – 8PM – 9PM
    *GAME 3 – If needed – 9PM – 10PM
  • All times listed in EST.

    Edit/Update: Oct 7, 2012
    So bottom line is, you can put up $2Million for the prize pool, and build a custom arena, but you cant secure your internet! Good going Riot, that was priceless! Let’s go through what happened during Day 3, and then explain myself as to why I’m happy for what happened. First of, I wasn’t available today to watch any of the matches today, I saw the first 15 minutes during Game 1 of the Team World Elite vs CLG.EU match, then priorities called and didn’t catch anything until I got home late night, but wait! There was nothing when I got home. Thankfully I had known something was wrong when at the location I was at, I pulled out my phone to see what the score was, and noticed both teams had 1 win, and were fighting to take a spot in the Semifinals. The odd thing, it was LATE, so how could this be? Did a little twitter research and found out that there were 2 outages. How the hell could this happen? The same guys I saw 15 minutes of, were STILL trying to play at around 10PM! WTF?!

    No one is officially reporting a DDoS but Twitter account Leaguepedia claims there was. With that brings us to who won the match, and as it turns out, it seems like a user from a popular Manga forum knows exactly who won:

    Due to all the issues they were having, Riot Games stated that the remaining matches would be played and streamed from a “secured location” later this week.

    The Official page for League of Legends had this to say:

    After a series of connectivity issues at our LA Live venue, we’ve had to reschedule the final games of the Season 2 World Playoffs. We’ll be completing the last game of the CLG EU and Team WE quarterfinal match and finishing out the Semifinal Matches in the near future from a new location with a secure Internet connection. The matches will be broadcast live, so stay tuned for scheduling information.

    We apologize for the inconvenience, and want to thank all of you for your patience. It wasn’t our intention to disrupt your viewing schedules, but the situation is unavoidable, and — in the interest of doing what’s best for your favorite teams — we want to ensure we’re not subjecting them to frequent disconnects.

    Thanks for sticking with us, summoners. We hope to see you all online for the Semifinal matches. Stay tuned for more information.

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