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Localization – My Issue With esports

by Oscar Venturaon October 20, 2017
I don’t love sports, I love my city. Ok, that’s not entirely true. I do enjoy watching sports, but I see sports as a way to get together with friends and enjoy a game with some food and drinks. The shared love for a team is what brings us together. But our love is only […]

NALCS in Boston – My First esports Event

by Oscar Venturaon September 8, 2017
Last weekend, Boston's TD Garden hosted the North American League of Legends Championship Series, NALCS for short. Better yet, it was the first Summer Finals to pique my interest. How many people would actually go to watch people play video games? Specifically at the home of Boston's Celtics and Bruins.

DRULcast #201 – Reflect

by Oscar Venturaon August 29, 2017
This week we revisit a few co-op games and boost achievements while reflecting on the older versions of those games. Full details in the show notes.

DRULcast #95 – What Happened? ABC, BBD.

by Oscar Venturaon March 30, 2015
Confused by the title? Don’t worry I was too when Jack just busted out into song towards the end of this recording. Jack returns to talk about some gaming news, issues with programs, and freebies! Also, there are FOUR Easter Eggs scattered around the site! Find them all for a shout out at the end […]


DRULcast #64 – Derailed!

by Oscar Venturaon July 15, 2014
A mess of a show this week! It’s always fun when Chris shows up to share some laughs. Tons of games discussed, laughs shared and stories told, the true reason why DRULcast exists!

League of Legends getting a facelift!

by Oscar Venturaon June 6, 2014
Even though the gameplay will stay the same, that doesn’t mean the look and feel of the atmosphere has to! Riot teased us with a video showcasing some pre-beta footage of what they have so far.

DRULcast #54 – PAX Recap & F2P vs P2W

by Oscar Venturaon April 29, 2014
In this week’s show we all get together to bring you our thoughts of PAX East 2014 and then get into a heated debate over Free 2 Play games vs Pay 2 Win, and other subscription based games.


DRULcast #52 – Pre-PAX East 2014

by Oscar Venturaon April 8, 2014
This is going to be a crazy week with PAX East just days away!

DRULcast #51 – Vegas Titan BBQ

by Oscar Venturaon April 1, 2014
Woo! Another week to enjoy games! What have you been playing?