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League of Legends World Championship Playoffs Day 2

by on October 5, 2012

Here we have it folks, Day 2 is kicking off with some of the best League of Legends players in the world competing for a bite out of a $2Million prize pool! Watch the Live Stream right here!

Yesterday brought us some amazing games, and the Korean’s came out up top with both, Azubu Frost, and NaJin Sword going 3-0!

Well today is a new day and that brings us to the Quarter Finals. These games will be best of 3 so please take that into consideration when looking at the times posted below as they may be off due to the if needed third game.

  • Invictus Gaming vs Moscow 5
    GAME 1 – 3PM – 4PM
    GAME 2 – 4PM – 5PM
    *GAME 3 – If needed – 5PM – 6PM

  • Taipei Assasins vs Naijin Sword
    GAME 1 – 5PM – 6PM
    GAME 2 – 6PM – 7PM
    *GAME 3 – If needed – 7PM – 8PM

  • Azubu Frost vs Solo Mid
    GAME 1 – 8PM – 9PM
    GAME 2 – 9PM – 10PM
    *GAME 3 – If needed – 10PM – 11PM

  • World Elite vs CLG.EU
    This will be the first game played tomorrow, followed by the Semifinals.
  • All times listed in EST.

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