Finally! Mojang reveals Minecraft details for Xbox One!


Mojang revealed improved versions of Minecraft coming soon for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and a portable version for the Vita!

I don’t know what it is…but last summer I spent entirely too many hours playing Minecraft, and as of late, I’ve been wanting that experience again. Mostly the survival aspect simplified on console. I went on to play on PC to fill that void, but it wasn’t the same! I’ve been spoiled by the quick recipes.

Mojang updated us via a blog post and stated that the game will be available for $20. If you purchased the Xbox 360 version, you have a year to upgrade for just $5, and it will work on Xbox One. It will also transfer your saves, and most of your texture packs along with your skins.

Best news of all is that the worlds are going to be bigger. I’ve gotten lost on the 360 version plenty of times, so having an even bigger world to explore brings nothing but joy to my life.

Scheduled to release in August, I can’t wait to start slaying those Creepers again!

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