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DRULcast #110 – Give Me More ORBS!

by Oscar Venturaon August 13, 2015
In this weeks episode, Jack and Oz recap some of the Xbox titles announced and showcased during Gamescom 2015!

DRULcast #107 – Brewed and Mixed

by Oscar Venturaon July 14, 2015
We gather this week to discuss a newly found love of a simple game of growing. Jack finds out how difficult games can be, and oZ tries not to spend on mobile games.


Minecraft Xbox One Edition gets a release date!

by Oscar Venturaon September 3, 2014
It’s almost time! Major Nelson confirms release date of Minecraft Xbox One Edition!

Finally! Mojang reveals Minecraft details for Xbox One!

by Oscar Venturaon May 23, 2014
Mojang revealed improved versions of Minecraft coming soon for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and a portable version for the Vita!

Wow! That’s a lot of blocks to mine! Minecraft Customization Preview

by Oscar Venturaon April 24, 2014
I absolutely love Minecraft, unfortunately for me, I have only played it on Xbox 360, besides a few hours on the PC beta way back in its initial release.

Minecraft tops Modern Warfare 3

by Oscar Venturaon October 27, 2012
According to LIVE Activity which MajorNelson publishes weekly, it turns out that for the first time that I can recall an Arcade Title has taken the title from a Retail game.