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Pilot Getting Into Titan - Titanfall

Why Titanfall Is A Great Game

Released 5 months after the launch of Xbox One, Titanfall was supposed to be Xbox One's 'killer app'. Criticized for being shallow because it lacks a single player campaign, and other people ragged on it because they disliked the addition of titans...


E3 2014: Fable Legends

Fable Legends was recently announced and unlike its predecessors, it doesn’t seem like it has story line to follow. The game is now more of a coop dungeon crawler; where there are four heroes that get together and fight mobs of monsters to...

KItj combo

E3 2014: Killer Instinct Season 2!

With the next set of Killer Instinct characters coming Fall 2014, who will be included? Double Helix Games gives us a the first in the collection, and that character is the champ himself; TJ Combo! Directly from the Killer Instinct Facebook page we...


E3 2014: Crackdown

Crackdown is coming to Xbox One! As predicted and wished upon on DRULcast #58! The trailer doesn’t label the upcoming version as ‘Crackdown 3’, so it is likely a reboot of the series (à la Tomb Raider). Crackdown is being...

Roller Coast Skating and Shooting - Sunset Overdrive - E3 2014

E3 2014: Sunset Overdrive

Sunset Overdrive will be 8 (yes, EIGHT) player coop with dedicated servers and launches on October 28, 2014. As you guys know us DRULers have been looking forward to this game even though not much has been known about it. Today during Sunset...

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