Xbox Live Rewards: Halo 4

It all started out with Microsoft rewarding the loyal based on your Gamerscore and now, it all depends on how much you play! Halo 4 gets to pave the way to these rewards, and I truly love this! It’s what we’ve all been waiting for, essentially you are getting paid to play the game! Hopefully this catches on with other games!

They are giving you all month, to earn up to 800 Microsoft Points, sadly it doesn’t all add up for the full 1000 Microsoft Points shown above. Now you may be asking, 800? the top tier is only 600!

Well, there is also a bonus for purchasing Halo content. When you spend 1500 you get 100 back, and when you spend 3000, you get 200 back. So there you go, the maximum amount you’ll be able to earn is 800 Microsoft Points, a sweet $10!

Whichever tier you manage to reach by the end of the month, that will be your reward! So get to playing, I mean, chances are you can add up 6 days of game time within the end of the month to get the 600 points at least!

Remember, this deal is only valid if you are a Xbox Live Rewards member!

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