With their stock hanging by couple of threads, I can’t help but feel bad for THQ. They recently announced that they had to push a majority of their most anticipated games: South Park: The Stick of Truth, Company of Heroes 2 and Metro: Last Light. The supposed release for any of those are being reported as “early fiscal 2014”. [pullquote_right]In total we have ten titles in development for fiscal 2014 and later…[/pullquote_right]The part that has me concerned are all of the cuts they have had to do in the past to simply get things rolling again. Now that this happens, who are we not to fear any of those games even coming out?  Can we live in a world without a sequel to Saints Row: The Third? or how about Homefront 2? Okay… maybe we can do without the Homefront. This still doesn’t stop the fact that there is a chance that we wont see some of these games being made.

That is a discussion to be had when it actually happens, for now, let us stay positive! I’m definitely not one to say what will come about any of this, but reporting losses is never a good thing and delaying things is also a bad sign. Just look at what happened to 38 Studios, granted that’s a different story, but anything can happen in this crazy world.

Seeing this company go under would be a big hit to my childhood. I can remember playing WWF WrestleMania 2000, and even WWF No Mercy until my thumbs would bleed!

In other news, it’s Election day, so get out there and vote!

For more information related to THQ check out the THQ Investor Relations page.

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