We Happy Few Screenshots and Wallpapers

DRUGS Joy We Happy Few (Pre-Alpha)

During PAX East 2015 I had a chance to play We Happy Few, without getting into detail, We Happy Few was really impressive! Compulsion Games sent us a handful of screenshots from their PAX East build. Remember, these screens are from a pre-alpha build, quality or assets can change between now and final release. Enjoy!

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Shelter We Happy Few (Pre-Alpha)
Shelter / Home Base
Crafting We Happy Few (Pre-Alpha)
Crafting Menu
Streets We Happy Few (Pre-Alpha)
Streets of Wellington Wells
Upstairs Interior Home We Happy Few (Pre-Alpha)
Upstairs Interior
VMeat We Happy Few (Pre-Alpha)
Fresh V-Meat
DRUGS Joy We Happy Few (Pre-Alpha)
On Joy (Drugs)
Fighting / Combat We Happy Few (Pre-Alpha)
Fighting Disgruntled Citizens (Combat)
Angry Man We Happy Few (Pre-Alpha)
Angry Man (Wellington Wells Citizen)
Bobby Police We Happy Few (Pre-Alpha)
Bobby – Wellington Wells Police Officer
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