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Prove you’re the best! Super Smash Bros 3DS Tournament!

by on September 25, 2014

Nintendo announced a nationwide tournament for Super Smash Bros 3DS across 16 GameStop locations across the United States.

With the Demo of the game out, you’ll have a chance to practice now, however for the full version of the game, you will have to wait until October 3rd. The next day, Saturday October 4 is the big tournament day!

The 16 locations will host a 64-player first come first serve tournament. Each winner will be flown out to New York City to compete in the Super Smash Bros. National Open Tournament at the Nintendo World Store on October 11. Additionally they will also get a 3DS XL, the game, and a $250 Gift Card. The winner of the National Open Tournament will take home a trophy and a “champion’s robe.” Be sure to tune in on YouTube and Twitch starting at 6pm.

Here are the locations:

Official Rules: http://smashbros.nintendo.com/rules/