It was only a matter of time until this happened. Sadly, THQ is no more! All of their assets were auctioned off from intellectual properties (IP), to the studios behind the name.

[box_light]Coming as a shock had to be Crytek putting up $544,218 for Homefront. Really? Why even bother?! Sure a sequel is likely to do well, but personally the world would be a better place without it. Enough shooters already, damn…[/box_light]

[box_light]Take-Two Interactive put up $10.9M for an IP going by the name Evolve (or Metamorphosis) they also picked up the WWE license outside of the THQ Auction. The best part of this portion of the story, Turtle Rock is the studio behind ‘Evolve’ and Take-two basically out bid them for their own game![/box_light]

[box_light]Sega took Relic Studios and Company of Heroes for $26.6M.[/box_light]

[box_light]Deep Silver put up $22.3M for Volition Inc, and also the Saints Row IP. This is great as I would like to see the next Saints Row game be made, even though I’m The Third is still quite possibly one of the greatest games ever created. Deep Silver also put up $5.9M the Metro license which includes 2033 & 2034.[/box_light] [box_light]The big dog within all of this has to be Ubisoft putting up $2.5M for the studio behind two IP’s 1666 & Underdog, THQ Montreal. Not only that but they also dropped $3.26M on the license for South Park: The Stick of Truth which is still scheduled for a 2013 release.
The thing with Ubisoft is that they also put up bids for the Metro license, as well as Volition + Saints Row, but lost those.[/box_light]

Looks like there were others who were much more hungry!


It’s going to be a strange world without THQ, a well known name in gaming since as far back as I can remember…

So let us raise a glass and reminisce all that THQ has done through out the years!

Farewell THQ 🙁

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    • Rofl, No idea what’s going to happen to Darksiders, but that Crytek could have put up a buck and still won. Honestly, the game wasn’t that bad, some more work and it would have been a competitor to the rest of the FPS’ out there. Maybe Crytek will take it to that level.

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