Gears of War Judgement News

Wow, Epic Games just released a new campaign trailer for Judgement, and quite honestly, it looks pretty damn good!

Scheduled to be released March 19, 2013 for Xbox 360.

The other bit of news that Epic released was a nifty little statistic which stated that more than half of Gears of War 3 players never played the original game!

Due to this, the original Gears of War will be included as a download token when purchasing Judgement. Seems a bit late, for something like this considering you could find the game for less than $5 at any store that sells pre-owned games.

Check out the video narrated by Baird himself explaining some of the cool new features:

I’m a bit thrown off by the fact that ‘Down But Not Out’ was removed from the game, and that the control scheme is changing a bit. Class based, and it just seems to be leaning more into the same type of stuff every other shooter is doing now.

I’ve been describing it as a new Call of Duty, which I’m sure to many is a slap in the face, but that’s what it seems like now, after watching some Free-for-All off the Epic Games YouTube Channel, that’s all that kept going through my head. Watch the video for yourself:

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