The Walking Dead Now Playing Dead

The Walking Dead has been extremely popular since day one, and finally, we have insight of the game to be released. Sure the series has been hit or miss, but this is something all zombie lovers and gamers alike would enjoy. Telltale Games has launched a web series titled Playing Dead, which will feature developers and designers talking about the game to be made. Hit the jump for the video and some other goodies!

In the first episode lead designers Sean Vanaman and Jake Rodkin discuss the timeline of The Walking Dead game. Check it out above! They will have episodes on their website for 24 hours, and then available through iTunes or YouTube.

The game seems promising, with the traditional Telltale style of having episodic releases. This is going to be milked for as long as possible. No complaints here though, as long as it doesn’t get boring, I’ll be all over this!

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