Darksiders II Pre-Order Incentives

Pre-ordering is the most evil phrase in the video game world. Publishers love to quote pre-order numbers, so they give you incentives to pre-order every game in the world. Not to mention Gamestop will push pre-orders down your throat anytime you walk into that place. But before I start to rage, let’s get back to the topic at hand. THQ has announced pre-order incentives for Darksiders II. Hit the jump for a complete rundown of what’s available from Gamestop, Best Buy, and Amazon.

  • Gamestop is offering the ‘Death Rides’ pack which features multiple exclusive side-quests. “Explore more of the Maker’s Realm and Dead Plains and earn additional experience and loot. Aid an ancient Construct, battle The Bloodless and retrieve Karn’s lost treasure in around two hours of unique game play content.”
  • Best Buy will give you an unlock code for the ‘Angel of Death’ pack. “Give yourself an edge with a unique set of enhanced armor with an angel inspired design as well as a pair of upgraded matching scythes and a exclusive visual trail for your companion crow Dust.”
  • Amazon holds the ‘Deadly Despair’ pack. “This unique pre-order offer adds an additional speed boost for Death’s trusty steed Despair, allowing players to travel across the vast world even faster than before. This perk is a permanent increase that will last throughout the game.”

Not sure which you want? No worries. Darksides 2 will release on June 26th, 2012 for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.

*Quoted sections are taken directly from the press release.

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