The day is finally here! FREE COMIC BOOK DAY!

So the day is here! Every year on the first Saturday in May, most Comic book shops become the host of Free Comic Book Day (FCBD), many limited edition comics will be given out specifically for this date, and you will never see these issues again! Prepare to trade and hunt for the comics you want.

Also, call ahead and make sure that your local shop is participating in this event. If you don’t want to call feel free to visit for a list of Comic shops which are taking part in FCBD. I strongly suggest you call though, I looked at my area and the closest shop to me on the site said they were not going to partake, but when I called in, they said they were! Mind you though, if you plan on collecting all of the comics, you might have to visit multiple stores! Make sure you check in with what each stores terms and conditions are because they may vary!
For a peek at some of the comics that will be available, click on continue reading!

For a list of must have comics, visit’s FCBD 2011 Checklist!

Please while your there support the shops! Buy some stuff, most areas have deals on everything in the store! Even if your not into comics, check them out and pick up a board game..or two!
My pick for the free comic would have to be: Captain America & Thor: The Mighty Fighting Avengers & Green Lantern / Flashpoint Special Edition
Runner ups: Locke & Key Giant-Sized Action & Walt Disney Presents Mickey Mouse (don’t judge me!) 🙂

Also while your there, do yourself a favor and pick up Zombie Dice, and one of the Fluxx games, Zombie Fluxx is my favorite, they are all similar but have different art and a few different rules so pick up one you like and learn to play!

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