Super Smash Bros 3DS and Wii U trailer!


Sure, Nintendo released this trailer a while ago but it’s worth giving it another look considering the game will be coming out this year.

I still remember when the game was released for the Nintendo 64… I had to beg my parents to buy this for me, the worst part? They bought it but was unable to play it until I showed them my report card. Yeah, it sucked…
Moving forward years later, the series is still doing great, and for the first time it will also be available on the go on the 3DS. This will prove to be one of the most popular games at any Con to come.
The way the trailer introduces new characters and shows you the change from 3DS to the Wii U version is pretty cool. Definitely worth looking at!
It does bring up another question to be discussed at a later time, but what the hell is Nintendo thinking releasing this multi-platform?
Their console days are numbered, as much as I love them since as far back as I can remember, It is hard to even consider buying a Wii U. The 3DS was a struggle enough, but pulled through thanks to its nostalgic releases, but replicating this on a much more expensive console is absurd!

Moving on, enjoy the clip!

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