regie-mario token

E3 2014: Nintendo Amiibo

Nintendo is making moves to target fans of the NFC figurines! Judging by the success of Disney Infinity and even bigger success coming from Skylanders, this is a huge step for them! Pictured above is Reggie Fils-Aime; President of Nintendo of...

Backtracking Disney’s Bolt

Disney's Bolt... ugh, frustrating. It's a 'kid's game', any gamer should breeze right through it while experiencing a fun story, flashy graphics and overall a short game (4 hrs). Although, my expectations were everything this game is not. It's not...


Brace for winter! 3DS edition!

The next iteration of the Bracing for winter series is for those who enjoy handhelds…made by Nintendo of course! For the Nintendo 3DS. Animal Crossing: New Leaf! I took a small break from playing this game, but the game never sleeps. There is always...

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