Bravely Second: End Layer Demo – First Impressions

Oh, the agonizing torture that is brought upon by a RPG. You know the countless hours to develop your characters and unfold a story, then getting lost in your own progress from forgetting where you left off. It’s as if we are masochists, we suffer through the hardships yet we enjoy it so we go back to playing these time devourers. WHY!? I personally think that it is the sense of accomplishment. That feeling when tears of joy trickle down after defeating the boss that defeated you (countless number of times). Being able to boast among friends because you have done what none of them have done, haha! The pride that is held within radiates once you have reached the end and see credits. You feel like a veteran who has fought for a good war and comes home full of medals. Your work is done and everyone is happy, so you turn around walk away from the game like a boss. All is good until you get word that there’s a sequel which means you must take your coat off the rack and get back to work. You may not feel as I do but this paragraph here sums up my sentiments when it comes to RPGs.

Bravely Second is the sequel to Bravely Default, a classic turn-based RPG but with a twist. It keeps traditional game play then adds the choice of gambling your turns. You can be brave and use up future turns to execute additional commands in one round. It’s a combination of muscle and brawn. Strategic timing with attacking and defending (default). There is a new wager to the scene. After completing a battle they will ask if you would like to continue battling to boost experience points gained by a percentage. At first, you’re like “Sure. I got this. I just beat these baddies and keep beating them”, but the challenge is you don’t know what they will throw at you. You could have beaten a single monster and want to continue that rhythm. Of course, that’s too easy. The game will randomize the enemies. It’s okay during the demo but I can feel myself cursing the creators for tempting me with the boost and falling into a greed pitfall AKA dying and losing all progress.
The story takes place a couple years after the end of Bravely Default. I questioned how they will introduce the characters from the previous game into this one seeing that they have been through some crazy times. You have the dimensional travels and the drama that comes with it. I really wonder if the new characters understand what the previous cast had to go through because I do (HELL). One character, Agnes is now a pope. I honestly don’t know how to receive that other than her getting recognized for her actions given the title. Anyhow, she guides the new protagonist Yew through his adventure. I love the word play there, as you will be playing as Yew (you). They had a similar hidden gems back on Bravely Default. For example, those who played may remember the awesome flirtatious amnesiac Ringabel (self explanatory). Yew has his two companions in arm which travel with him.and give me a three musketeer vibe (until accompanied by an additional playable character). . Together they are guided by Agnes through a pendant that has face to face like the latest and greatest smart phone.d04d169af4434730b1bdda2d6bf25e2f

The demo is a bridge which connects the previous plot into the newer challenges that are to come. It teases you as a demo is supposed to leaving you wanting to uncover more. If you have played the previous title it influences you more due to your familiarity. You want to see what happened to the characters in which you worked so hard to develop. Did the characters retire and move down to Florida? Or are they still kicking ass while playing dress up. It may seem as simple as the characters just changing their attires but their appearances depend on what their occupations are. Like the original title, they still kept it that the character’s fighting styles and stats are affected by off what job they have. Are you a white mage, a monk or a ninja? You can mix and match two jobs to have unique combinations. As cool as it may sounds it shows that even game characters have to get a second job just to get by.

Let me not delay you guys much more. By the time you read this article, the demo will be made available to everyone (3/10/16). Fan or BSELCE_RENDERING_highresnot, if you are looking for a challenge that brings satisfaction in completion, then this is it. When completing Bravely Default I was glad it was done, but now I’m actually looking forward to getting abused. Not much is given through the demo to spoil the game but it does a great job retaining it’s formula that brought its success and adding new features to refresh the game. I know there are many games out there currently that may steal your attention away from a handheld title, but this game won’t disappoint. So pick up your 3DS and get ready to risk all. Play Boldly. Play Bravely.

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