Wash Your Damn Hands! Pre-PAX East 22 PSA

PAX East 22 is this week! Here’s a quick PSA:

Wash Your Damn Hands!

Everyone is excited to play games at PAX East, and part of playing games is touching a controller. Please, keep your hands clean, or use sanitizer when a trip to the restroom isn’t in the cards.

Conventions can be rough for everyone, physically, and mentally. On the latest episode of DRULcast, the crew discussed a 5-2-1 Rule:

  • 5 hours of sleep
  • 2 meals
  • 1 Shower

Keep in mind, 5-2-1 Rule is a minimum recommendation per day. Sleeping and eating improves all bodily functions. Showering is refreshing, and it keeps the air inside BCEC smelling fresh! Any PAX East attendee knows that Skybridges can trap foul odors. It’s disappointing when Skybridges are smelly because they’re a great spot to get an aerial view of the show floor. Please keep yourself fresh & clean.

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Traveling to Boston for PAX East 22? Make sure to bring your own COVID tests. There are very few pharmacies close to PAX East, and tests can still be difficult to find. As always, if you aren’t feeling well, please stay home. Missing PAX East would majorly suck, but more people getting sick is worse.

While all of this may seem obvious, please follow the official PAX Heath and Safety info page:

Let us be safe and enjoy PAX East, please!

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