Pre-Registration Bonuses and Aggressive Targeting

We’ve all encountered targeted ads while browsing the web, but this was the first time I’ve seen it in the form of a push notification. The push notification didn’t pique my interest, instead, it was Google’s Milestone reward bonuses showcased front and center.

Previously, other games have offered pre-registration rewards, or what Google calls Milestones. Once the game reaches a certain number of pre-registered players, any Milestone reached is a bonus that’ll be unlocked for all pre-registered players when the game launches. It’s a great idea and is an interesting way to promote a game. Although the difference with Dragon Ball Legends versus previous games is their Milestones are at the top of its Google Play Store page. Meaning that if I want to find out information about the game like an official description and screenshots, I have to scroll past a ton of Milestones and other junk to find it. Clicking on the game’s banner which usually loads a gameplay trailer, but Dragon Ball Legends doesn’t even have that. Their focus should have been on a trailer instead of these milestones.

It’s likely that Bandai Namco spent a decent amount of money to get Dragon Ball Legends advertised via a push notification, and a heavy focus on Milestones means they want to create excitement around the launch of Dragon Ball Legends. However, for someone like me who isn’t really into the Dragon Ball Universe, hiding the description, screenshots and other information at the bottom of the page is a major turnoff. Instead of hooking me with pre-registration Milestones, their presentation has potentially lost a customer.

So I ask the question:
Could another game that isn’t as big as Dragon Ball Legends get away with hiding everything at the bottom of the page?

Update: Since originally writing this and getting these screenshots, Bandai Namco has added five additional milestones. There are now ten milestones promising you in-game currency and characters. Seems like the aggressive push notification is working in their favor!

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