Pokemon Cards…No really, Playing Cards!

pokemon playing cards

Pokemon has always been known for their games, and even for the Trading Cards. I remember owning quite a few binders just full of cards myself. Growing up and stepping away from the ever growing series, I’m still pretty shocked at the amount of extra goodies they come out with.

In Japan, as with anything awesome, they just released a proper collection of Playing cards, you know, the kind you play Holdem’ with?

Sadly the only way you’ll see them in the states is you get them imported. (please contact me if you have a connection!)pokemon playing cards-kings

Selling for ¥525 which is around $5, you’ll have your choice on getting either the X or Y edition of the cards. Unfortunately I’m not aware what the names are of the Pokemon, but they are the same as the cover.

I mean it wouldn’t be Pokemon without giving you a choice now would it?

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