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Just in time for Halloween – Slender: The Arrival

by on September 24, 2014

I still can’t believe how many news stories I’ve seen in recent months about the Slender Man. With that however brings us the console release of Slender: The Arrival on Xbox 360 and PlayStaion 3!

With a story in place to scare those who dare take the leap Slender: The Arrival is available now for $10 on Xbox 360, and PlayStaion 3! The game looks a lot like the original PC version with upgraded visuals, and an actual story to go along side the tale.

In the game, you play a character who keeps going down the rabbit hole of mysteries when trying to sell her friend’s property. When going inside of the house she finds an empty house with a cryptic note inside, she fires up her camcorder and on goes the adventure.

The trailer was enough to scare me, never mind the game!