Ruffian says no Crackdown 3!

Ruffian Games, announced what they have been working on, a title called Tribal Towers. The only issue, we know nothing about it yet!

They posted up a full blog post explaining why they went in the direction they did with making this game instead of working on Crackdown 3.

That’s not to say a Crackdown 3 won’t be made, it’s just not going to be released any time soon is what it seems.

That being said, here is the concept image given within their new game:

If you want to read more on what Ruffian had to say about, check out their blog, and you can even register to play test the game, good luck though, only around 50 people will be chosen! To start offat least!


[button link=”″ variation=”darkgrey”]Tribal Towers – Ruffian’s New Thing

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