Mortal Kombat Season Pass DLC

Bundling DLC content for a discount isn’t anything new, Rockband has been doing it for years. However, since L.A. Noire did it a few weeks ago and gave it a nice marketing spin (Rockstar Pass), NetherRealm is right behind them with the Mortal Kombat Season Pass. There are four new characters coming to MK 2011, Skarlet, followed by Kenshi, Rain, and a new unannounced character. Skarlet and the Season Pass will both be available on June 21st. The remaining characters will be released periodically over the summer. Each character will be $5 (400MSP), or you can get the Season Pass for $15 (1200 MSP), which will save $5.

Also, with each new character released, a free ‘Kombatibility Pack’ will be released. This is necessary for the new fighters to be compatible for everyone in online matches. Further, each Kombatibility Pack comes with Klassik Skins. The Klassik Skins will be Cyrax and Sektor from Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3.

The Season Pass will not available on PSN. Each character will be available for $4.99 on PSN.

On another note, who thinks $5 is way too much for a DLC character?

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