Mortal Kombat returns!

April 19 is the supposed release date and we discuss all of the goodies it will include in DRULCast#2. It’s good to see how great this game is seeming to appear. This game is going to have some of the greatest extras ever. Two different editions of the game, all of which have its own unique collectibles, and then the game it self as well. For more information on the different versions click on continue reading.

The Tournament Edition of Mortal Kombat will feature a gamestick with awesome a cool MK graphic, classic MK character avatar downloads. Retail on this will be $149.99.

The Kollectors edition will feature Figurines of Scorpion and Sub-Zero, an art book, and some avatar/game downloads. Retail for this will be $99.99.

For you movie lovers, the movies will be re-released the same day as the game, on April 19 and it will feature a download code for JADE which will unlock an additional costume for her. The blu-rays will run you about $20 each, and from my understanding, both will include the same code. Now the question is… will the code work for every console?

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