Who’s that I hear…?

Earlier in the day, I was presented with a movie trailer for a film called Pacific Rim, to be directed by Guillermo Del Toro. Now I know movies aren't really our thing, but this trailer included a certain familiar voice that got me super pumped for...

The Eye of the….Tire?

This movie trailer was discussed in DRULCast#3. Just watch the trailer and comment. Me writing something here won’t do this movie justice. Haha. Will you watch? Pass? Torrent this? Rent it? Let us know!

Mortal Kombat returns!

April 19 is the supposed release date and we discuss all of the goodies it will include in DRULCast#2. It’s good to see how great this game is seeming to appear. This game is going to have some of the greatest extras ever. Two different...

Let’s snap some bones!

During DRULCast 2 we discuss this movie, and here is the clip we referred to, best scene in the movie! If you plan on watching it, I would suggest avoiding this clip, but if you don’t care, just watch it! The movie is cool, but this scene...