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11 bit studios has been really awesome to the DRUL crew, and treated us nice during our PAX East visit. We got a chance to demo Anomaly Defenders and we approve!

Let’s be honest for a second, the Tower Defense genre can’t be renewed, but it can be twisted to give you a different perspective, sort of. For anyone who’s played the Anomaly Series, I’m sure you’re well aware that you take on the role of the human players, but Anomaly Defenders switches that up on us and puts us in control of the Aliens we normally try to obliterate.

We get new tech, and an awesome skill tree list which allows us to spend and move points as we see fit to destroy the humans! With a similar play style to Anomaly 2, we see upgrades, and many powers based on what you build. Play smart and figure out the best way to ambush your enemy using those harvesters!

Bottom line, this will be the end of the Anomaly Series, and what a way to end it, looking at it through the eyes of the enemy.

The best part of this pre-order is that while you wait for Anomaly Defenders to be released, you’re given Anomaly 2 with your pre-order to occupy you until release!

If you’re the type who needs to play the first or any of the other versions of the game before jumping into the second, the bundle option is for you (of course after buying Anomaly Defenders). The bundle includes Anomaly: Warzone Earth, Anomaly Korea, and Anomaly 2, mobile versions of the games are also included if available (mostly Android), with this you’ll also get the Warzone Earth Soundtrack!

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