Titanfall DLC – Expedition – Making of Swampland


Who is exited for the upcoming DLC for Titanfall? Here is a behind the scenes look at the map Swampland.

It’s been about two months since the Titanfall release! I’ve gone on record during a few DRULcast’s explaining that I might have burnt myself out during the first couple of weeks of the launch. I played too much, got to the third gen, and then slowly faded away from playing the game.

I still couldnt resist visiting Respawn’s panel during their PAX East, where they announced the DLC and new Wingman game type.

Now, Respawn gives us an inside look at one of the maps titled Swampland. From concept to finished product. It’s really interesting to see the process in which the map was created. Hope you guys enjoy the video!

For more information visit Titanfall.com

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Oscar Ventura

Oscar is an avid gamer of many genres. He does not prefer board over video, as long as everyone is having a good time. Preferably over some beers, and wings.

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