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Developed by Batterystaple Games, Exhoes of Eridu needs your help to finish production! In a nutshell, the game plays like MegaMan but you get the option of also playing co-op as well!

Although its just local co-op for now, Matchmaking is listed in their Kickstarter page so we’ll see after it gets funded!

The difficulty of this game is also something to be impressed by. It’s not impossible, but it required patience, as some of the “jump quests” are difficult. Toss in some enemies, and you’re in for some frustrating fun. From disappearing to moving platforms, and rockets coming at you while a flying enemy flaps its wings on to your face, you’re likely to get upset, knocked back and fall down from a tower. Although it’s upsetting, its part of the game and its gratifying when accomplished.

Here is some game play footage from the alpha build.

If this is a game that sounds or even looks like it has your interest, help them out!
Kickstarter – Batterystaple Games – Echoes of Eridu


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