Keep an eye out: Lethal League

I’ve been eyeing this game called Lethal League for a while, and I believe it’s a must for PAX Omegathon!

Developed by Reptile, this game has much potential from its prototype. The announcement trailer (seen above) shows off the upcoming version of the game which will be out for Steam in Q3 of this year.

Play the prototype here:

After playing this for numerous hours, I have come to the conclusion that it is impossible to win. If anyone figures out a pattern on how to achieve victory please let me know!

Beyond the prototype, the game will feature a health bar, what looks to be a “Super” build up bar, and also multiple characters! All of this is seen on the trailer above and I honestly cannot wait! It looks fun and challenging. For those who are competitive… you’re in for a treat on this one. Reflexes required at max strength!


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